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Oct 28, 2008

34 Tips for Finding Readers for Your Blogs

by Admin 1 comments

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One of the first series of posts that I wrote on the topic of blogging was on the topic of Finding Readers for your blog.

I originally wrote it way back in 2003 on another blog and transferred it to ProBlogger in 2004. While it’s from my very early days of blogging there’s still some relevant tips in it. Here are the four parts (containing a total of 15 tips) of the series:

For a more updated post on ‘finding readers for your blog’ you might also like to check out this post (with 19 tips - and yes some double up on the previous 15) that I wrote on the topic as part of my Blogging for Beginners Series.

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Comments 1 comments
Anonymous said...

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Admin(kk group)
Student, Web-Developer, FSD-PAKISTAN

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