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Oct 26, 2008

8 Daily Tasks To Increase Blog Traffic.

by Admin 1 comments

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I get asked many questions each day about what the best monetization programs to use are, or what the best topics to blog about are, and even questions by people asking how to get better rankings in the search engines. But the number one question I get is, “What can I do to increase traffic to my blog?”

So here is a “Top Ten List” of what I do to increase my blog traffic. And remember the key is to be everywhere.

Spend 30 Minutes on Twitter - You can spend more time, but no less than 30 minutes. Twitter isn’t for marketing your blog, but for networking and building a community. This community over time will lead to traffic to your blog. Feel free to post you new blog posts on Twitter as well.
  1. Use MyBlogLog - If you’ll add at least 1 person and 1 community to your MyBlogLog account each day, you will see large gains in readers to your blog very quickly. As you add these communities and people, others will start seeing you and adding you themselves.
  2. Comment On Your 10 Favorite Blogs - This works best when these blogs are in the same niche as you and have a rather large readership. This also helps you to brainstorm ideas for new posts on your own blog.
  3. Comment On 10 New Blogs - These blogs don’t have to be in your niche, in fact it’s probably best if they aren’t. The chances that most blog readers are in the niche of the same blogs they read are actually very slim. Sometimes your best and most loyal readers are from people you’d never even think would be interested in what you have to say.
  4. Meet Physical People - When we think of driving traffic to a blog we always think of ways to do it online, but just like with any business, trying to drive traffic from real people you meet and talk to everyday outside of the internet is just as good. Try giving your blog address to at least 1 or 2 new people everytime you leave your house. Business cards are a great way to do this.
  5. Play With Social Media - This isn’t a daily item per say, but it involves working at it daily. Try to join at least 1 new social media site each week. Hit it really hard, putting your all into each nook and cranny. As you join a new social media site, don’t push the ones you’re already a part of to the way-side. Instead, spend about 10 minutes on each one daily to keep the momentum you’ve build going.
  6. Play With Forums - Make at least 2 posts each day on a forum related to your blog niche. Don’t make posts telling people how great your blog is and that they should visit it. Instead, actually help others by posting useful content, then add your blog and name to your signature. Don’t make your signature big and flashy. Make it plain and simple, and if they like your posts, they will click your link to your blog.
  7. Use The Power of Email - Each and every email you send out should contain the title and link of your latest blog post. This works really well and is a way to say visit my blog that I’m so proud of without saying it.

The more time you spend on each item, and the more you increase the numbers on each item, the bigger the gains in traffic you’ll have. Feel free to spend as much or as little time on each as you’d like, but I do strongly recommend spending a minimum of 3-4 hours each day.

Let me know what you do to increase traffic to your blog.

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Comments 1 comments
Anonymous said...

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Admin(kk group)
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