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Oct 17, 2008

Make a Table Of Content

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Do you like to read the book? your answer surely will immeasurable, there is to answer to like and there is also to answer don't like. But I sure you have read a book. In a book is be one named by table of contents, with table of contents will make the reader the book easy to find the parts the content of a book wishing in reading. The question possibly emerge is what is his relation between books with blog? there is, do not only a book that can make the table of contents, in a blog even also we can do it,
There is 2 steps to make a Table Of content at the blog :

Step #1

  1. Login to blogger with your ID.

  2. After entering the dashboard page , click Layout.

  3. Then click edit HTML tab.

  4. Click the Download full template link. Save your template.

  5. Please mark the little box beside Expand Widget Templates. Wait for a moment.

  6. Go to your template code, and find the code like this :

  7. Delete above code, and replace with the following code :

  8. Click Save Template button

  9. Done.

Step #2

  1. Click at Page Element tab.

  2. Click at Add a Page element.

  3. After emerging pop up window , Klik add to blog button for the things HTML/JavaScript.

  4. Copy and paste the code below into available column :

  5.">Show all post »»

  6. Alter YourBlogName with your blog name. Example : my blog name is rohman-freeblogtemplate. Alter 200 with other number, because this is the sum of how much post want to show.

  7. Click save changes

  8. Finish. Please see the result.

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