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Oct 4, 2008

Nightstud 1.0d

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Adult Pc Game. Be the top stud! Pick up as many women as you can!

NIGHTSTUD is a Adult Game. You've never played a game like this one before!

Your objective in the game is to be the top stud, or by other words: To have sex with as many women as you can!

Visit Bars and Discos to pick women and drive them to your apartment. Workout at gym, make penis enlargement operations, receive cash from women, "earn" reputation points, and much more. 6 unique game missions. Only for people +18yrs


· More than 200 women to interact
· Each woman have unique attributes and reactions
· 4 Different locations(bars/discos) where you can pick up women
· Workout at the gym
· Medical Clinic where you can make penis enlargement operations, STD diseases and restore health
· Shopping center
· 6 unique game missions to play
· Save and Restore the Game
· Original and Unique game concept

Filesize: 6.00 MB

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