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Oct 2, 2008

OptusNet Usage Meter 1.5.4 Beta

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See how much of your monthly download limit you have used just by looking at an icon in the system tray. (Much quicker then logging into the Optus site.) If you click on the tray icon, you view more detail of your usage, including how far through the month you are, total mega bytes. If you have an off-peak limit as well, it will tell you how much you have used of that too. It also does more.


  • Saves last known usage data so if there is a problem with the internet connection it will display your usage as it last recorded it
  • Shows how far through your usage term as a % so you can see how far through the period you are. Eg month beginning to month end is one period.
  • Usage Simulate
  • Upload Information (New Feature)
  • Automatic Program Updating
  • Usage level warnings
Note: This will only work if your internet service provider is OptusNet Australia.

Size: 332KB, OS: Win 2000/XP/2003/Vista

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