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Oct 6, 2008

Ultra Player Mp3 Audio Freeware v2.112

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UltraPlayer™ Audio Freeware plays MP3, WAV, CD Audio, streaming audio, AND video files (Windows Media, AVI, MPEG).

It features:

* Deeply-Dynamic UltraSkins™
* Visualization and DSP plugins,
* SmartAlarm™
* MP3 stream recording
* MP3 to WAV conversion
* Screaming-fast Neutrino™ MPEG audio decoder

A dual-mode intuitive interface empowers and expands your listening pleasure by allowing you to play, build and manage playlists, tune to and record internet radio streams, search for the music you want, punch the lows and tweak the highs with a Graphic-EQ, and much more.

You can personalize your UltraPlayer by downloading some of the deeply-dynamic UltraSkins from the author´s website.

While you’re there, grab some mind-bending visualization plug-ins and make your music come alive with trippy screen effects. UltraPlayer also supports Interactive 3D Visualizers from WildTangent.

Size: 2.0MB

OS: Win 9x/ME/2K/NT

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