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Feb 4, 2009

6 Steps to make money from blogs

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Steps to earn money without investing from a website or a blog:-

1. Create a website or a blog freely with a account from or and there are many websites which provide FREE Blogs... you can pick any of them and create your blog..

2. Choose a template,settings and more for your blog with the help og 'Help secton' from the respective blog website...

3. Pick one topic and write deeply about it in your blog with adding some wallpapers and information.. For example if you are intrested in cricket, write about cricket.. match statistics, top 10 batsmans, current world record holders, etc.... Remember take 10 to 15 to write all the information.. no hurry.. ok

4. After that go to and register for yourself for an account filling all the details.. and your url coloumn type your blog addresss..

5. Google will take 2-3 days and verify your website/blog and approves or denies you..

If denied inculde more and more inforation in your blog and try again...

6. If approved go to your blog settings and goto layout and click on 'add page element'

and add google adsense to your blog.. now google will place ads in your bolg.. and if anyone opens your bog and clicks ads by google, you will get money..

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