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Mar 26, 2009

5 Smart ways on how some Bloggers fool their Visitors

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I am been blogging for more than a year, but I must say that I still have a lot of things to learn. I have been reading a lot by joining some forums and visiting other blogs. But while I am learning, I also learned some dirty tactics or should I say how some bloggers can fool fellow bloggers. They might be mad at me, but I do not care. All I know is that fellow bloggers especially newbies must be aware about this. Besides copying posts from other blogs and posting them on their own, here are other smart things some foolish bloggers do.

Getting credit from others’ forum posts

A forum member complained that his previous post was re-posted by another blogger. The foolish blogger was not smart enough that he even posted it on the same forum, the same category and did not even wait for a long time before doing so.

Posting a question and answer it with another username

I caught the foolish blogger by accident on a top forum. I was amazed with his answer to an interesting question so I checked out his blog as well as the blogger who posted the question. But I was more amazed when I learned that the two blogs were owned by a single blogger.

Leaving a comment with a fake anchor text

A freak forum member posted interesting comments on some posts with a link to a blog. The funny thing is he always uses a particular phrase as the anchor text but if you click it, the site is very much far related to the anchor text.

Cheating the subscribers counter widget

It is very attractive for a bloger to have tons of subscribers appearing on his subscriber widget, as it can invite more subscribers. But if a blog has only five posts and having 5,000+ subscribers, will you believe him? One can easily copy other’s subscribers counter widget and paste it on his sidebar, right?

Using a fake Entrecard widget

Not so long ago, some Entrecard members gave a warning on the forum but I before I was informed, I already made a separate post about it. It is site that is not an Entrecard member but has the same “Drop” icon on his widget. I wonder how much traffic he earned by doing this.

My personal tips

1.0 Be smart before you get excited. Sometimes, trust your doubts.

2.0 Before you click a link, point your mouse to it and look at the URL at the lower left of your monitor.

3.0 Search before you believe. It does hurt if you read other related posts before you admire a blogger.

I am sorry that I cannot reveal the names or blogs of these bloggers. They are now on the right path, anyway. The more important thing is you now have some ideas. If you think you can add more, I will add it here and with a link to your homepage.

Let us help each other so we can move forward.

Being smart is totally different from being foolish.

I will update this post every time a new but valuable tip will be added by commentators, so I suggest you bookmark this page.

Here is a good addition of one of my on-line friends who calls him self Ceblogger.

Launching a fake contest

A big contest will be launched, then the foolish blogger will leave everyone hanging on the result or award the prize to a fictitious winner.

I am glad none of the contests I joined are fake.

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