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Apr 18, 2009

Promote Your Blog on Internet: Free Tips

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Blogging is all the rage among business people, aspiring writers, and those who just want to express themselves thru electronic communication. Blogging is fun, easy, and free. But how do you get visitors to your blog once you have one?

Submit articles to sites like eZine, Associated Content, and Articles Base. Write short articles that correspond with your blog topic. Provide helpful information and give readers a reason to visit your blog to learn more. At the end of the article, include a link to your blog. You're not paid to submit these articles, however, you'll be generating traffic to your blog.

Use StumbleUpon. Visit the StumbleUpon website and download the toolbar. Each time you submit a blog post, Stumble your post so that other SU members can read it. Join groups on StumbleUpon and promote your blog.

Use Digg. Join Digg and add your blog posts. Be sure to Digg and comment other articles so that other Digg users will see you. Ask Digg users to Digg your posts, and Digg theirs in exchange.

Use Facebook. Create a Facebook profile and add the "My Blog Application." Again, join groups that pertain to your blog topic and interact with other members. Write on walls, start discussion topics, and participate in ongoing discussions and leave the link to your blog.

Use Sk*rt - the women's version of Digg. If your blog relates to women or women's issues, join Sk*rt and add your posts each time you write one. Sk*rt posts of other members, and leave comments. They key is getting yourself in front of other users.

Use Technorati. Register and claim your blog on Technorati. Millions of bloggers visit Technorati daily to learn what's new in the blogosphere and find out who is saying what about any given issue. Technorati indexes tens of thousands of blog updates every hour so fresh content is constantly being added. Technorati is another way to put yourself in front of an audience.

Visit and comment on other blogs that relate to yours. You can find other blogs by using Technorati or Google Blog Search. Look for blogs that have lots of comments - this indicates that the blog has a loyal following and a lot of traffic. Visit these blogs frequently, leave a professional comment, and a link back to your own blog.

Join groups, forums, and message boards that pertain to your blog topic. Actively participate. Always leave a link to your blog in your signature.

Offer to do guest posts for other bloggers, and invite them to do a guest post on your blog. This exposes you to a new audience.

Trade links with other bloggers who blog about a similar topic. Add them to your blog roll. Be sure to review their blog before agreeing to add them to your blog roll - you want to make sure that you want to be associated with them.

Offer free advice on sites like Yahoo Answers and WikiAnswers. Join these sites, and answer questions that apply to your blog topic. Leave a link to your blog.

Offer a free eBook to anyone who subscribes to your blog. You need an incentive to entice people to take action. Offering a free eBook that relates to your blog topic is a great way to add subscribers to your list. If your blog is about cooking, offer a free recipe eBook. If your blog is about recycling, offer a free tip sheet with recycling ideas. Free eBooks can be found all over the internet.

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