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Sep 14, 2009

DragonBall vs Street Fighte

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DragonBall vs Street Fighte

DragonBall vs Street Fighte | 56MB

Do you like Dragon Ball Z? Do you like Street Fighter? If you do then this game is a must have. DragonBall Z takes on the legendary Street Fighter in this awesome fighter.
With 24 different characters (8 hidden) to play with and seven different modes of play and 31 stages this game serves up as quite a treat.

The game modes you can play are:
> "Arcade" - You versus the computer.
> "VS Mode" - You versus a friend.
> "Team VS" - Team up a few fighters and play them against your friends team.
> "Team Arcade" - Play your selected team against the computers team.
> "Training" - This is a very cool addition, here you can test out moves and combos.
> "Watch Mode" - Watch the computer fight against other computer opponents.

Graphics are pretty good for 2D, similar to Street Fighter the original, you may recognize some of the scenes from Street Fighter. Sound is diverse and there are more than a fair amount of tracks for you to listen to while playing.

This game just keeps on with the features, you can change just about any option you'd like to change in the menu; difficulty, life, game speed, game length plus all the regular options like effect and music volume.

Overall this is an excellent fighting game. There have been a few problems running it on Windows XP but any Win9X operating system runs it perfectly. Edit "/data/mugen.cfg" to change the screen resolution and other settings.

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