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Sep 10, 2009

OandO Defrag 11.6 Build 4199 Professional Edition - Enjoy

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O&O Defrag 11.6 Build 4199 Professional Edition - Enjoy's !!!

O&O Defrag 11.6 Build 4199 Professional Edition - Enjoy's !!! | 13 MB

O & O Defrag Pro is one of the program to defragment your hard drive the best present of Germany. It puts fragmented files together and in addition to speeding up your system, OneButtonDefrag technology, automatically adjusts settings to best suit your system. Programs can accrue thin disk manually, or fully automatic running background, keeping your system operating by the highest incremental pieces of fragmented files. The incremental pieces can be timed, with many different standards. These added features include status reports, cluster control, command line interface, optional MMC combination, incremental pieces of the boot machine, especially with integrated mobile drives, etc. ...

O & O Defrag problem-solving activities and stability of the Windows operating system and server by fragmented hard disks. Fragmentation is the main reason for making the operation of the system seriously diminished in Windows. Because the truth is the hard drive is slow in the first computer, so optimize it is an issue especially important. With O & O Defrag, you can read and write files more quickly. The first is that the machine operation may be slow to recover easily with O & O Defrag, you feel assured that your hardware is in very good condition and operating at the highest level. Development of new technologies and guarantee you the most effective with the lowest cost.

O & O Defrag Pro is the latest generation of software O & O Defrag. Simple, fast and secure, your machine can work to the best worth the investment of your expensive hardware - you just invest a little time and effort!

New version O & O Defrag Pro Professional Edition for Windows operating systems have opened the door key to the hidden performance of your computer. This software will optimize your hard drive in Windows XP Home, Windows XP Professional, Windows 2000 Professional, and Windows NT 4 Workstation, incremental pieces of fragmented files in a safe way to achieve greater efficiency. In addition, O & O Defrag Professional Edition V10 Pro really proud with his outstanding ability and numerous important features can not be in another piece of software accrued currently.

Highlights of O & O Defrag Pro Professional Edition:

- Integrated 64-bit version and Microsoft Windows Vista
- New: World-exclusive Defrag Screensaver
- Run the system very quickly
- Speed increase to 100%
- Fully automatic with O & O OneButtonDefrag
- Integrated especially for notebook
- Screensaver mode
- Don pieces automatically in background
- Integrated mobile drive
- Easy to use, no need to have experience
- 5 different modes of incremental pieces.

1/Stealth: Optimized disk with capacity and the number of large files, but requires very little system resources and capacities available.
2/Space: A method for repairing serious fragmentation. Including a general matches the empty area on the hard drive and slide them in a table.
3/Complete/Name: Anti-fragmentation of the file with data organization through completely. The file will be scheduled to reorganize under their name.
4/Complete/Modified: Same as Section 3, but this time, the file will be organized over time Sort modify them.
5/Complete/Access: Similar, but the file will be reorganized according to the last access them.

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