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Sep 16, 2009

Reptiles of the Solomon Islands

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Reptiles of the Solomon Islands
Reptiles of the Solomon Islands
English | 212 pages | PDF | 22,9 Mb
Pensoft Pub (November 30, 2006) | ISBN-10: 9546422754
Most importantly, the natural histories of the living animals are given in detail, and almost all species - including many colour variants - are depicted in large, full-colour photographs. While "Reptiles of the Solomon Islands" is essentially a field guide, it is compiled in such a way as to be of use not only for professional biologists working in the field or museum, but also for the interest of amateur naturalists and travellers in Solomon Islands.
In fact, anyone with an appreciation for the natural history of this group of beautiful South Pacific islands will find this book a worthwhile addition to their library. Michael McCoy lived in Solomon Islands for 26 years, working as a photographer and writer. He has published several books, worked as a consultant on a number of television documentaries, and his photographs have appeared widely in regional and international publications. He now lives in Australia. "During the 26 years Mike McCoy lived in the Solomons, he visited nearly all the islands in the archipelago and is widely regarded as one of the foremost authorities on the reptile fauna of the Solomons. He is also an extraordinarily gifted photographer with a keen eye for detail, an indefatigable field worker and an old and close friend. Since the publication of the first field guide in 1980, he has continued his studies, making many additional discoveries, and this fine book is the culmination of those efforts." - Allen Allison Ph.D., Vice President Science, Bishop Museum, Honolulu.

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