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Oct 19, 2008

How To Register in Search Engines

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As we know that the main reasons to write in the blog is that they hope their writing could be read by others or blog visitors. More people or visitors will make us happy and proud, especially when they give some comments on our writing. For making the people come to our blog and then read our postings are not easy. We need high publication in order to increase the traffic.

We can use many ways to make our blogs famous and get many traffics, such as blog walking or visiting others blogs. Registering to various aggregator, and the most effective ways is through the search engine.

For new bloggers, they have a wrong assumption. They might think that after making blogs, their blogs will be detected by search engine or listed in all sorts of search engine automatically. The fact is not like that. Like a school, we absolutely have to register in that school so that our name is listed in a student list. Just as a search engine, to make our blog detected by search engine, we have to submit our blogs to some search engines.

There are many search engines here and recently, the most famous ones are Google, yahoo, and Msn. If we want our blog detected by them, we have to submit our URL blog to them.

Now, have you submitted your blogs to the search engines above? Or you still don’t know how to submit your blogs. Just follow the tutorials below.

Sign up in Google

To register in Google, please visit, and if you are in registering page, you must fill in available form;

  • URL --> Fill in your URL blog
  • Comments --> Fill in the related keywords to your blogs.
  • Fill in the blank square with the verification code available.
  • Click Add URL.
  • Finished

As soon as your submission to Google, it doesn’t mean that your blog would have an index in Google search engine. It will need about 3 until 4 weeks for new blog to be able to have an index. After 3 or 4 weeks, try to type your URL blog in Google search engine. If your blog still can not be detected, you will have to wait for a couple of week again. If it is not detected yet, you must submit your blog again as the steps above.

Or, you might not be patient and want your blog detected soon by Google search engine. Actually, it could happen only in 3 or 4 days. Would you like to know how? Just read my upcoming post in 1 or 2 days…ok.

Register in yahoo

In order to register in yahoo, please visit this site Before registering here, make sure that you have yahoo account. Why you need yahoo account? Because to register here, you need to log in to your yahoo account. If you still don’t have any yahoo e-mail, click here to make one first. And if you have e yahoo account, you just need to log in with your username and password. As soon as you log in, you will see a column. Just fill in the column with your URL blog, then click Add URL and done.

If you want to add your feed address too, you can do it here. Remember, you only need to add atom.xml behind your URL blog in order to get feed address of your blog, example; this blog blog has feed address as follow;

Register in Msn

Please visit to register in Msn. Just fill in the verification code and your URL blog in the available square, then click submit and finished.

If you want more search engines and your URL blog can be detected by many search engines, you can use submitter site. Now, click the banner below


Your job is only adding your URL blog, and then writes your e-mail. Then click Submit Your Site.

If your blog wants to be more famous, try to do ping to various aggregators, just click the lick below:


You simply fill in the available form.

Now, has your blog been detected by Google? Try to add your URL address in search engine at the top of this blog!!!

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