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Oct 19, 2008

Making A Post Summary (Read More) at classic template

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A few months ago, Kang Rohman posted about making read more, click here to read it. That hack is applied well for those who use new template (XML) and it is not absolutely for classic template (HTML). From many readers of this blog, there are readers who still use classic templates and asked Kang Rohman about making read more in a classic template.
For you who still use classic templates, just follow the following steps to make it.
  • Log in into with your id
  • Clik Template
  • Click Edit HTML tab
  • Don’t forget to copy the whole code of your classic template, then paste in the notepad and save to back up your data. It is done to anticipate if you make a mistake in editing your template and you still have the back up.
  • Copy the HTML code below, then paste right above code;

    div.fullpost {display:none;}

    div.fullpost {display:inline;}

  • The next step is , copy the following code and paste after <$BlogItemBody$> :

    ">

  • Click SAVE SETTINGS button.
First step is done. The next step is
  • Please click Setting tab
  • Click Formatting
  • At the bottom of the menu, there is a box “Post Template”. Please fill with the code below.

  • Actually, it is okey if you don’t want to fill the code above. The code above is aimed to make the code appear automatically when you want to post an article. So, you don’t have to write the code above when posting an article.
  • Click Save Settings button
  • Finish.

How To Post An Article

Ok, after finishing some steps, now we are studying the next step. That is how to post an article and Readmore menu appers in the post.

  • Click Posting tab.
  • Click Edit HTML tab, and you can see the code below in the posting area.

  • Save the article you want to show before the code of
    , and the rest of the articl before
I give you a sample below to make you undestrand more.
This is a sample of posting saved in the beginning of an article and will always apper in our blog, meanwhile the other posting won’t appear

and this is the posting that will appear when a visitor clicks Read more.

The result will look like below in your blog.
This is a sample of posting saved in the beginning of an article and will always apper in our blog, meanwhile the other posting won’t appear Read more...

What do you think brother? Is it clear enough? If not? I hope it is clear enough
Rememeber, readers, you can change “Read more...” with other sentences you want. For example; Continue… Continue reading… or any words as long as we tell our readers that the article continues.

Ok…good luck!!!

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