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Mar 22, 2009

How to Start an Internet Business & make Money

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To succeed in an internet business or home business, start with getting clued in to exactly what is involved. The question is not "can I do it?' [because we can do almost anything we think we can], but more like "is it for me and does it gel with the kind of person I am?"

Getting to first base in an internet business.

The decision to start an internet business arises from a variety of reasons:

1. a desire to work from home
2. to make extra money
3. plan for retirement
4. get out of the corporate rat-race
5. because lots of people are doing it and claiming outstanding success
6. become another Yanik Silver or Joel Comm
7. work of a beach chair in Bora Bora
8. have time to really live life.

Any of these reasons is good enough as long as one is not living in cloud cuckoo land. Starting a project like tis with unrealistic expectations can only lead to a rude awakening. When reality clashes with fantasy, reality always wins.

To succeed in an internet business or home business, start with getting clued in to exactly what is involved. An internet business is not suitable for everyone. Begin by knowing yourself. The question is not "can I do it?' [because we can do almost anything we think we can], but more like "is it for me and does it gel with the kind of person I am?"

Here are some questions that may help you find out.

1. Am I ready to learn the new skills and applications that are required.

2. Do I have the time, focus, desire and discipline to do what it takes?

3. Can I work alone or do I need to be part of a team to function?

4. Am I willing to sacrifice part of my leisure time to get the business going?

5. Do I get easily discouraged and lose determination?

6. Do I tend to nickel and dime every idea to death?

7. Can I think outside the box and find alternative approaches if present ones fail to deliver?

8. Do I have access to broadband? [While a dial-up can be used, you'll need considerably more patience when implementing marketing strategies.] this leads to the final question:

9. Am I a patient person or do I expect instant gratification?

Unlike instant coffee, instant noodles and instant dinners, there are no instant results in an internet business or home business, regardless of the claims made in sales copies you read on the internet. While the gurus selling their programs may not be lying in their income claims, it did take them several years to get where they are. Sure they'll tell you what to do and guide you along the way; but they cannot do it for you. You are still the key player, so take a look at the questions above again.

An internet business comprises of two distinct parts:

1. Setting up the business [with or without your own web page.]
2. Marketing the business.

Of the two, setting up an internet business is the simplest. Some can be accomplished with very little effort and could take less than 30 minutes. But that's just the first step and you're still a long way from your destination.

Marketing an internet business is a long and demanding process, and it is in this that the earlier questions apply.

Let's look at the ideal features a practical internet businnes should offer, particularly for a start up.

1. It must provide you with a website. [You don't need to know web design.]

2. It should host the site for you. [No worries about domain name registration, ftp programs and domain renewals.]

3. No or very little start-up costs. [You want to minimize your risk.]

4. It should include you in its network so you don't feel alone and abandoned.

5. Marketing must be simple.

6. Marketing materials (invitations, emails, e-cards etc.) should be available. You just need to cut and paste and perhaps edit a little to make them unique.

7. Instructions on how to use these material should be clear and concise.

If you're a newbie, this will be an ideal approach for you to test the waters, explore whether an internet business is for you, build your confidence and gain some basic skills that you can later expand to more ambitious business models or undertakings.

There are millions of opportunities offered on the internet but not all internet businesses or home businesses fit the profile described. Do your research, using the checklist as a guide.

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Comments 1 comments
Martin said...

Know what you want business you want to be involved in. Before anything else, you have to set things right.

Admin(kk group)
Student, Web-Developer, FSD-PAKISTAN

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